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WOW Detailing Studio

Wow detailing studio is India’s first and best ISO certified ceramic coating studio with cutting edge technology. Wow detailing studio ensures best international products in use that are internationally certified and at par with the international standards. The privilege of using such products at the local level has now been made possible at Wow Detailing Studio at its very first branch in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. One of the many first achievements in the bag of success for Wow detailing studio was recognizing the space and need for ceramic coatings and opening an internationally certified ceramic coating studio in a small city like Ranchi. Wow detailing studio has achieved many first miles that also includes admitting first female detailing experts of India to provide their expertise and services in Ranchi, Jharkhand at their studio. Wow detailing Studio brings in lots of advantages with its products which are economical and pocket friendly compared to the products used in Japan, one of the most highly developed and technologically advanced countries, along with great performance reviews and a 15-year quality guarantee period.

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Mr. Achyut Kishor, the founder and CEO of Wow Detailing Studio in Ranchi, is an alumnus of Vikas Vidyalay, Ranchi and has an MBA from ISB&M, Pune. The idea for starting something so unique and innovative stuck with him since his IT days’ stint at Gurgaon. His first project as an IT guy was to create a website for the international brand Ceramic Pro, which eventually led him to open his very own customized ceramic coating studio. Ceramics and its services of coatings are high in demand to keep and maintain anything of emotional and financial value. The coatings on the surfaces work as water repellents, dirt repellents and are scratch resistant as well. Discovering the wide variety and range of security and safety that ceramic coating has the potential to provide in day-to-day life is what made Mr. Achyut pursue it as a career and business model. Wow detailing studio is a product of a thorough research into something which appears to be extremely regular at first but works wonders like a hidden gem once found. The sheer excitement and enthusiasm to let the people of India know what ceramic coatings are worth and to make their experiences at par with the international standards, both in quality and quantity, was the driving force alone to introduce ceramic coatings to the masses. Mr Achyut pursued the ambition of making dayto-day life easier for the people with determination and immense courage. The thoughts and efforts put into the use of products and the technique of it all was excruciating but absolutely rewarding. The R&D team at wow detailing studio went through research of the products’ testing and experimenting in different ways and at different temperatures to ensure the best and the highest quality of products for Wow Detailing Studio. The first studio inaugurated for the services was in his hometown, Ranchi. Ranchi was the perfect location to start with the idea of this venture as it featured into the classic category of a tier-II city, with a booming population of people and a huge percentage of cars and bike enthusiasts. Not that ceramic coating is limited to just the vehicle surfaces but the demand to maintain and preserve the most valuable possession an individual or the family owns, was too high to not notice and hence, wow detailing studio eventually became a hub for ceramic coatings of vehicles way before the official inauguration of the studio. Mr. Achyut comes from a very simple and humble background and family. The ways of life and living that he practiced would never have allowed someone like him to venture out into business, let alone to create a brand this big. But as they say, where there is a will, there is a way. With a lot of struggles and undying and unfailing grit and stamina, wow detailing stands proudly today with constantly expanding studios and franchises in many tier-II cities. Even though wow detailing studio has had humble beginnings it is wholly and solely determined to reach great heights.

Company Profile


wow detailing studio’s mission is to provide a service oriented detailing destination that specializes in nano coating, an expertise in cleaning, Premium Car Coating, and protecting vehicles belonging to every category. We aim for Excellent workmanship with best technology involving eco-friendly measures with a dedicated team that makes Detailing Devils one of the most popular and known brand in the automotive industry, with a customer base of 5000+ happy customers and 500k+ followers on social media. We also aim to expand with franchise opportunities within the ranges of the low and high investments so that our partners can begin at a quick pace and then grow from there.


WOW detailing studio conducts global research and provides quality products and technology to support the mission of customized coating for the people. This vision statement is a look into the future where people won’t have to look anywhere far from their home city to get the customized coatings of their choice to protect the surfaces of what they love and appreciate. With the work that it's doing in the present, both employees and consumers can see how the organization is achieving its vision by providing great services to every request that comes to wow detailing studio and we aim to make the wow detailing studio a household name to protect and preserve their surfaces.


With upcoming franchise studios in cities like patna and dhanbad, wow detailing studio looks forward to franchising studios in 250+ cities in the next two years. Wow detailing studio also intends to open a training centre for detailers from a diverse collection of population with the record for the first female detailer going to wow detailing studio ranchi being counted as a great achievement. The plans are also on for movements to spread awareness towards road safety measures and conscious driving. Wow detailing studio plans to explore into multi-dimensional directions of service and investments in many kinds.

This is the best place to get your car Ceramic Coated. Very professional and good job ! I got 5 of my cars done from them, right from Honda Jazz to BMW. Works out cheaper if you add 5 years cost of buying polishes and cleaning the cars every week. Also the hydrophobic materials they use keeps the car dust and stain free always. A must if you love your car.


I recommend to all in ranchi and jharkhand cities peoples to go once and quote your best ceramic coating in your car at wow detailing studio only..


The best among the rest! This defines them. Competitive price with best services are being offered with regards to the ceramic coat, PPF, tints and many more. The perfect salon for your car.